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Write A Story or Poem About A Lost Cat

Photo: © Every Photo Tells A Story

In five minutes or less, write the first three lines of a short story or poem about this cat.

How did he get lost, what will happen to him?
Who will miss him?


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I do hope it will inspire your creativity, whether it involves writing fiction, poetry, non-fiction, or just to improve your blogging.

Once again, please note that while I would love to comment on your writing, I do not want to stifle anyone's creativity. Feel free to praise someone elses work if you wish.

I will periodically have contests where you can vote for your favorite piece. But, that will come later.

Thank you, again, and enjoy your day.

Roxy said...

Who is this mysterious cat?
Eyes wide with mystical sight
What are your thoughts on this celestial night?
Purr Purr to your delight.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Curiosity. The self confidence of the very beautiful. The flash of a bird flying past. Instinct to follow.

WHY said...

Every morning he nudges me awake, then plops on my belly for a second until he loses patience at my slow awakening. Opening the cabinet door, I reached for his favorite food, then realized I had done it out of habit. My morning ritual had been broken after five years. I hope tomorrow I will not forget.

Moe said...

"Where did that evil cat go," I said looking around.
"I don't know, maybe you shouldn't have scared him off by dumping water on him," Ruby said worried.
"He started it..."

Anonymous said...

In the back alley, she curls up to keep warm. She dreams of the soft couch she once slept on. The soft hands caressing her fur.

Anonymous said...

what hair you got, how frizzy
just looking at you makes me dizzy
i could have combed you, but i'm lazy

Anonymous said...

Oh, what nice cat, love the picture. That's funny because I can't stand them :)


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Whether it be truth or fiction, thank you for sharing your stories :)


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