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The Cross

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Three Ideas To Write About:

1) What does the cross mean to you? Some people view it as a symbol of death. Do you?

2) Are you afraid of death? What do you fear the most about it?

3) Name two things that you want to accomplish before you die.


WHY said...

I am afraid of death. I never gave it a thought until recently. I fear the pain that might be involved, I fear the unknown, and I fear the "loss" that death brings. I constantly fear about losing someone I love to death.

Two things I want to accomplish before I die is to fall deeply in love :) I know that's not an accomplishment. And, to create something not only beautiful, but that will help others.

Anonymous said...

If there's a hell, that's what I'm afraid of:)

To travel through Europe
To learn how to play the piano


Sarah Copeland said...

Rebar crosses line main street,
contradictions within themselves
as they emit the cold of death
and preach the warmth of love.

Flowers adorn some, others
sit alone in contemplating
silence...I shiver...
eternal silence? Must be hell.

Quickening my pace the fear
in that thought settles into
the blur of my past, as I
round another corner those
rebar crosses crumble like
rust in my memory.

jacquelinee said...

i am terribly afraid of death. it's not the pain or the afterlife that i fear, but i'm afraid that my time will be up before i've finished everything i need to do. i mean, imagine drifting off into your sleep then in your last moments realizing that you never lived out your dream of going skydiving, or painting a masterpeice, or whatever it is that you had always put off, and realizing it's too late for those things? that's why i made the "bucket list" on my page, because i want to make sure that i'm done before i'm done.

Anonymous said...

i fear death too

sometimes the fear takes over and i become frozen in it

but i want to do so much

to have a family

to see foreign lands

to leave my mark on this planet
somehow someway so i will not be forgotten

so my life will not be in vain

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I can see fearing death is something we all have in common. It's a great motivator though. And, Jacquelinee, I think that bucket list with all your goals is a great idea.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Whether it be truth or fiction, thank you for sharing your stories :)


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