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Untitled Photo: © Christine Amato - Christine
Visit her site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in New York, and her body of work includes
abstract images of objects, nature, and bodies.

Writing Prompt
Pick a title for the image, and write a short story explaining who
this man is, and his relationship to the woman
sitting on the bench.
Write a poem of your choice about this image.

Word Prompt


Photo used with permission from Christine Amato


Sarah Copeland said...

Eclectic Electric

Tattered t shirts mark
unconventional youth,
their frail bodies
a canvas sketched upon
with a permanent ink.
Perhaps they are wiser
than we know, choosing
black they make known
their generations

They crowd dieing parks
and march along main streets
to the beat of their
own drums, their
lamentations dripping from
heavily strummed guitar strings.
Their contorted faces
haunt a world's conscience,
but is their grief loud enough,
worth enough or hard enough?
Is there any love left
for the eclectic electric?
Kreatyv Spel



Anonymous said...

Sarah - This line is fantastic!!!! "their
lamentations dripping from
heavily strummed guitar strings."

~ Donna

Anonymous said...

What happened to the promises you made me so long ago? "I will love you always," you said.

Your eyes echoed your promise, so what could I do but believe you.

But, promises are not set in stone, and your eyes are now as cold as the ice in your empty heart.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Whether it be truth or fiction, thank you for sharing your stories :)

David White said...

She won't let me plug my guitar in. AGAIN.


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