Photo and Art Prompts to Inspire Creativity in all Forms
For artists, bloggers, poets, writers and students

If you are new to this blog and photo/image prompts

The images you see are here to inspire you to write or create (artwork, crafts, photography.) And, the prompts are only suggestions. If there are no prompts, use the image(s) only for your inspiration.

You can use the image and/or the creative prompt to get your ideas. *If you opt for the image only, don't read the prompts before you begin writing or creating. And, your writing and creation does not have to be based on the subject matter, only what you are inspired to write or create. (Example: if you see an image of a single leaf on a tree, and the first thought you have is "loneliness," then write or create something based on loneliness instead of a leaf or a tree.)

If you create something, or write something on your blog instead of in the comments section, please share a link so we can all enjoy it: copy url and paste in comments section.

You are welcome to comment on any of the images or written material you see here. Comments are welcome!

I will not "critique" or judge your writing or creation.

If you finish or revise something you've written here. I would love to read the final version.

As always, thank you for visiting:)

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