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Photo Prompt: Kendall

Photo Title:Kendall © Polly Chandler Photography
Visit her site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Austin, Texas, and has exhibited her work nationally.
Her photographs have been published in magazines such as
Photo District News, American Photo and Silvershotz Magazine.

Photo used with permission from Polly Chandler.


Anonymous said...

He visits her every day and waits to be let in. But she ignores his pleas. She has been tricked before, and has learned that though she can forgive, she can never forget. His need for different women is too strong. Stronger than his love for her can ever be.

Donna said...

Obstacles always seem permanent when one thinks negatively. I've had many in my life time. Loss, enemies, and my stubborness and unwillingness to change my thinking or my ways. But, through hard work and diligence, I believe we can overcome "any" obstacle. The outcome may not always be "perfect." But, if you keep striving, there can always be a new life on the other side of the door.

WHY said...

What is beyond any door? You can only find out by going through it. To face your fears head on. We all have "doors" in our way. Doors can also symbolize faith or the afterlife.


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