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Image Prompt: Holiday in Tuscany

Illustration Title: Holiday in Tuscany © Belicta Castelbarco
Visit her blog site to see additional artwork.
The artists lives in Hamburg, Germany, and is a
visual communications designer.

Artwork used with permission from Belicta Castelbarco


Anonymous said...

The bloke looks truly fedup. The lady looks like she's having fun? I wonder what they are both thinking?
Bloke: I want to be at home and play Mario and watch tv
Lady: Finally, got him out of the house and having a romantic picnic.

Men form mars women from venus!

glorv1 said...

That's an interesting painting. I have to think on this one:hmmmm......

What the heck are they taking a picture of us for, he thinks. I wish she'd take her long lanky arm of me, enough is enough. "Hey camera man, snap it and get on with it!"

:) take care.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Everybody's a comedian:)

Sarah Copeland said...

Hmmm, I think they both look quite content, both relaxing after a glass of wine and enjoying the beautiful country side.

The sun makes polka dots
through the grape vines,
settling on her flushed
face like the reflection
of a disco ball.
They kiss once more, both
happy in this tuscan moment
revisiting secret
meeting places of years
gone by.

Their shadows grow longer
as they head towards
the familiar sound
of a dinner bell,
a breeze carrying
summers warmth shifts
the sun's patterns
on their pale skin.
Laughter bubbles up
from their love filled
souls, they are young again
racing up a lane
that leads to the main
house, the one splitting
the vineyard in half.

A Holiday in Tuscany, filled
with red, gold and vibrant
greens rejuvenates their
city hearts, reminding
of simpler times.

Anonymous said...

poem by Therese L. Broderick--each stanza is supposed to have only three lines, not six (as it may appear within this blog comment box).


They pluck the souvenirs as they find them
among the hills of Pisa and the ports of Livorno,
the Arezzo meadows and Chianti vineyards,

from the old stone villa and red brick farmhouse,
the pergola in the garden, Santa Maria's church,
one leaning tower, several courtyards with vases.

They take chunks of goat cheese, white grapes
still on their stems, vintage wine from a bottle
just opened, a viola and its love song and its

singer. They take the green from the countryside,
and all but a pair of cypress trees. They leave behind
only their last traces : sunflower yellows, poppy reds.


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