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Image Prompt: Why Did You?

Art Title: Why Did You? © Misty Mawn
Visit her site to see additional artwork.
The artist lives outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, and specializes in
mixed media painting and teaching art workshops.

Artwork used with permission from Misty Mawn.


Dave King said...

Excellent, a stimulating image.

Caroline said...

Art + photography = inspiration!

Yes. yes. yes. What a wonderful blog you glad I found you!

Sarah Copeland said...

There standing in a mist,
white as mother's flour,
her eyes are dry, emotion
seeping through in a one
syllable question; why?

Why did you clip
my butterfly wings,
why did you chain
my crippled feet
to this cold earth?
You erased my lips,
stealing my smile
like a worthless
candy bar on your way
through this isle of life.

Rub your eyes, let your
heart lift this heavy fog
and restore life
to those inquisitive eyes.

misty said...

thank you !

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thank you, David and Caroline(I'm glad you found me, too:)

Sarah: Once again, you captured the essence of the image in your writing!

Faith said...

This I know.
Mourning Cloak in my heart
I fly and fade
so little soul left to show.
Tell me why?
Why did you not believe?
And why did you not see
the rest of me?

This I know.
I am the memory of flight
The memory of impossibility.
What is left in your eyes
Fading against all that is pure
and white. So haunted and forgotten.
What you see now so simply
the wings I cannot bear
to leave behind and in the deep
distance the window where I
left my song sung so sweetly.
Twilight between what is you
and what is me.
Why did you not see?


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