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Image Prompt: If Stone Could Fly

Art Title: If Stone Could Fly © Marcia Furman
Visit her blog to see additional photos. And, her Etsy site:
The artist lives in Butler, Pennsylvania, and specializes in acrylic,
watercolor & oil paintings.
“Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them,
and they flew. ”
~Guillaume Apollinaire
Artwork used with permission from Marcia Furman.


Michelle said...

If stone could fly
said ugly I
I would soar above you all
instead I'm here
with my hand on my ear
stuck on this stupid wall


Lisa said...

as i sit and wait and wonder
i yearn for what will come
for though im made of stone
my heart beats like a drum xxx

Meandering Michael said...

If stone could fly:
we would be in a situation of some gravity
because there would be little gravity

If stone could fly:
the surface of the entire Earth would be drifting
and colliding
in mid-air

at least

If stone could fly:
those high-and-mighty
little birds
wouldn't be able to look down on us
they won't be the only ones flying

Gail said...

If stone could fly
he would leap across the sky
and to the sun he would soar
until he was stone no more

If stone could fly
he would float through the clouds
and to the stars he would travel
until his soul could unravel

WHY? said...

Just an impatient caterpillar:)

James Parker said...

Was it the beer? Was it the wine?
Or maybe that quart of turpentine.

Could be the Scotch. Could be the gin
Really can't tell from the state I was in.

I've been to wild parties,and thought I could last.
But that one last night was really a blast.

My tongue is like leather
My brain is in turmoil,
I know it sounds silly,
But I feel like a gargoyle

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)

(the four types of bird flight)

Behold the green marble jewels
hovering, humming,

Honor the regal granite
eagle as it soars;

Tally the flappings of sun-
sparkled gneiss;

trail the great, gliding ocean

Below : deep continental shelves,
wingless stones.


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