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Image Prompt: True Friends

Art Title: True Friends © Dean Haven - Deano's Den (Gallery)
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Ohio, and specializes in oil painting.
Writing Prompt
What is a "true" friend?
(Not the textbook definition)
but the one you've come to learn
through making and losing
good friends over the years.
If you could only choose one,
Who is your true friend?
Artwork used with permission from Dean Haven.


sudharm baxi said...

'a friend in need
is a friend indeed'
is something we read
almost everywhere indeed

but why look for deed
break into this creed
a friend is a friend
and not a piece of need

don't pay any heed
who is in the lead
sow that love seed
and pluck envy weed

we have been freed
of all kinds of greed
we have been freed
coz we are same breed

in wartime you are a steed*
for enemies you are a gleed**
making those fiends bleed
by being my armour n shield

you are my daily feed
God this is what i plead
let me keep this meed***
for which i write n read

*steed - A horse, especially a spirited one.
**gleed - A glowing coal; an ember.
***meed - A merited gift

Someone knows a name for such a poem?
One with similar ending sounds..

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Children have such a strong affinity with domestic animals. I wonder if that openness towards gentile creatures and towards other children gets lost as we age. As adults our opportunities to create new friends seems to diminish but even there, what opportunities that do arrive are often met with a pessimistic skepticism. Friendship is hard work for some and our willingness fades with age but without it we are totally lost.

James Parker said...

Sudharm, Stephen...true words.

A friend is one you can share a universe of feelings with...without ever saying a word.


Life is very empty,
If you live it on your own.
You need a friend to be with,
And not always be alone.

People can be friends in life,
In fact, the major part.
Bringing kindness, joy, and sharing
To fill a hollow heart.

But I have a best friend, Molly,
A horse, as you can see
She's tender, kind and gentle,
And loves to walk with me.

True, dogs and cats are wonderful,
They make good friends of course,
But the special times so dear to me,
Are those moments with my horse.

glorv1 said...

I love that painting. As a child, I once had a cow named Betsy who I just had fun talking to. She provided us with milk and kept me company.

sudharm baxi said...


Another fantastic show!!
YOu are too good, and i am not saying this because you praised me :)

You are really worth a read..everytime.

Meandering Michael said...

A true, true friend
will stand by your side;
sometimes will follow
and sometimes will guide;
will know what you need
before you do;
expects nothing back
just wants you to be you -
and when you are not
he will wait -
confident that
you will be back.
You're his mate!

simoart said...

A friend to me is a good gift from God. It is a beautiful feeling to be able to find a connection with another soul, on this painting is the girl with the horse, with my son is him and his cat.

WHY? said...

A true friend loves for the sake of loving and not for the sake of getting something in return. A true friend lets you be you!

Such a sweet, sweet image.

Christine said...

Life without good friends is a life not worth living. Maintaining friendships is hard work, but worth every bit of energy. I used to take my friends for granted until I lost someone I knew since second grade. That woke me up real good!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

She looked in my eye many years ago.
Her ears quivered when I said her name.
She carried me to places I had never seen.
She saved my life.
She was my soul mate, I'll never forget her.
It's been many years since she took her last breath.
She was my life, my best friend- my horse.
I still miss her. Its been 18 years.
I don't forget.

Tweedles mom

Tessa said...

Enchanting picture, and some lovely poetry to accompany it.


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