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Photo Prompt: Cloak

Photo Title: Cloak © Morgaine Brigante - The Photographs
Visit her blog to see additional photos. And, Morgaine and HERE.
Morgaine lives in Dorset, England, and specializes in painting,
illustration, fine art, as well as photography.
Her paintings of the human form, at one with nature, combine
her great love of these two subjects: figurative and landscape.

Photo used with permission from Morgaine Brigante.


sudharm baxi said...

Where are you going my lady?
This world is so very shady

It is eager to chase every clad thing
It is eager to catch all that is unwilling

You don’t have a clue
this cloak
is not going to protect you
it would invoke a sense of mystery
and get you caught in some sortie

Superb photograph!!

James Parker said...


A cloak of gloom surrounds me.
As darker days draw near.
I'm haunted by the ghosts
Of a suffocating fear.

I stumbled through the forest,
And came across this light.
I now gaze down upon it,
At the awesome, wondrous sight.

I know this light, I had it.
It shone the way to Love
Once gone, it's now returned to me,
A gift from Up Above.

A light that I once parted with,
As through life's threads I wound.
Now here it is before me...
My Faith...once lost, now found.

Tessa said...

That has a real Thomas Hardy feel to it - what a hauntingly memorable image. Absolutely superb.

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Dawn to dusk,
the life you live
partially stays
submerged, half
or less than half
of a fin-clipped
lantern fish.

By night,
you throw a wide
cloak over one
ripple of the lake,
calling up some
slick-eyed self.

Name it what
you will : Ego,
Eros, or Eurydice
warning not to turn
your body's
thinning wrap
inside out.

glorv1 said...

That a great photo. Although it does look somewhat like a painting and if that is so, it is an awesome painting. It is a little eerie in that something out there seems to be lurking. Ayeeeee, scary thought.
Thx for sharing. Have a great Friday.

Anonymous said...

I am searching
Following the call of my soul
Through tangles of branches
On an unmarked path
Guided by a calling that whispers in my heart

Marian Trasca said...


kenflett said...

Another beautiful image photoN. It's alot of work finding wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful images and to post them everyday, you are very generous and well, thank you.

Meandering Michael said...

With flowing cloak and shaded hood
She's standing in a tangled wood

She's not too bright, our maiden fair
Her cloak got snagged - now she's stuck there

I do not know how long she's stood
Her cloak all tangled in the wood

She should have known, she really should
That hiking with a cloak's no good

I'll bet she'd go home if she could
It's getting late; she prob'ly should

I shouldn't laugh. I shouldn't scoff.
Will she clue in and take it off?

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thank you, EVERYONE, for stopping by to write, and for your kind comments. This is a wonderful image.

And, Ken, thank you for your special note:) I love doing this because it's my creative outlet. And, I get to find and enjoy beautiful artwork and photographs created by so many talented people (like you)! It's like running an online art gallery. No hammer needed:)

Sarah-Paige said...

She is paralyzed there
among the reeds, her frailty
concealed beneath
a hurriedly sewn cloak.
The need to hide such things
as her humanity was,
in those days long past,
a much too trivial concept
to occupy her innocence,
but in those days to come
societies hand would remain
firmly placed upon
her thirsty lips.

Morgaine said...

It has been so good to see how the image has inspired you with your wonderful comments and poetry ! thank you everybody and a big thank you to Nancy, I have been thrilled to bits

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

It's so good that you stopped by to read what your beautiful photo inspired,Morgaine. Thank YOU, for agreeing to have it featured.

Tiffany Teske said...

This is a wonderfully rich photograph!

Michelle Burnett said...

Hauntingly beautiful!


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