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Photo Prompt: Nora's Bedroom

Photo Title: Nora's Bedroom © Shelby Lee Adams
Visit his blog to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in New England, and specializes
in photography.

Photo used with permission from Shelby Lee Adams.


Sarah-Paige said...

Another presence
is marked by eerie groans
that make one inclined
to blow a kiss
towards those burdened door hinges.
Shelves line a far wall
and are themselves lined
with silent faces;
reminders, remarks and renditions
their static colors,
time's wrinkle is dusted over
the room like spiders webs
swaying in a wandering draft.
A mirror stained by wavering flame
offers a shy peak into the stories
adorning the other side of Nora's
jumbled abode...
home and escape embodied
under the same flickering lamp.

James Parker said...

Serious? Hmmmm

She gazes at the mirror.
Sad and lonely, so it seems

Her dolls are now her only friends,
She's given up her dreams.

That was humor:


Raggedy Ann came first, then Andy tagged along
Howdy Doody next, and a dude named Hopalong

Then Barbie made the scene, Ken following close behind,
If you just look in the corner, a Cabbage Patch you'll find.

Betsy Wetsy was her favorite, she's surely in there someplace,
Probably hiding in the closet, ashamed to show her face.

Nora's bedroom's full of playmates, some even in the hall.
It's really only natural,
Caause Nora's such a doll.

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


doll. Left eye lizarded,
cactus-scalped. Lips
and toenails picked
clean of pink. Blouse
snagged. Skirt mapped by
one stain, mirage of
longago naptime milk.
Neck tag shriveled --
name too dry to say.
Torso, a splintered totem.
Gobi. Mojave. Sahara.
Vulture perch.

glorv1 said...

Is that Nora in the middle of the photo? Or is it another doll? I see Howdy Doody and my goodness, a room filled with toys and dolls. I think I had one doll in my childhood.
Have a great day.Great photo.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

A dark and foreboding glimpse of troubled childhood memories gone astray. The dolls peer at us in a threatening gaze taking on their owner’s self anger. I would not want to meet this person.

simoart said...

It is a room full of toys but I do not want to be in the room.

James Parker awardnominated you for the James Parker award, you can visit my blog.

simoart said...

Sorry about the bad printing, I nominated you for the James Parker award and you can visit my blog.

Meandering Michael said...

Hiding in a pile of toys is as fun as fun can be.
Who wouldn't want to do it? E.T. did it, why not me?


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