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Image Prompt: Feed Me

Art Title: Feed Me © James Parker - Yimi Art
Visit his website to see additional artwork.
And, his blog: James Parker Art and Windows to the Words
The artist lives in Rio Frio, Costa Rica, and his artwork is focused
on the rainforest and everything else in the world.

Artwork used with permission from James Parker.


James Parker said...

Thank you so much for the best wishes. I love flying...once we've landed.


Our bodies small, our mouths are large,
And our wings are not yet firm.

But all we think about right now,
Is "Gimme A Big Fat Worm!!!"

glorv1 said...

Oh we get a lot of those little birdies wanting to be fed. We have a lot of trees, especially the cypress and they make their nests in there and you can hear them chirping. If you sit and watch, you can see the mom or pop coming back with something for them to eat. Just about right now, we are starting to see them getting busy. Take care Nancy and have a great Sunday.

Sarah-Paige said...

...feed me, feed me
love me, need me...

Her eyes are pleading
head lolling
in a nurses arms,
my own damp head
firmly planted
on this thin
hospital pillow.
All around
cleanliness reeks
while inside I pray
for the strength
to smile
at this sweetest nightmare,
this tiny being
that drains me of my hate
one salty tear at a time.

Kris said...

this made me think of the kids on the streets.. they are still very young but forced to fend for themselves coz it's either their parents have nothing to do but get drunk everyday or there is really no food on their table.. these kids deserves to be fed and cared for..

maglomaniac said...

Wondeful image I must say.
James and EPTAS just a request.
Can I use this pic on my blog.
Coz I would really love people to know bout the wonderful inspiration that prompted me 2 write.
Just a request:)


You would want to
Feed me when I am hungry
You would want to
Feed me when i CRY
You would want to
Feed me when I am sad and wry

But feed me only when
When I do not have the power to fly
feed me only when
When I am not worthy enough to try
feed me only when
When my wings are shrivelled and pain is my only ally

Coz if you feed me taking pity
if you feed me showing sympathy
if you feed me coz you love me like a deity

Then you are NOT feeding me but POISONING me

Coz quenching my hunger now
would fuel my glutton later
Coz stopping my crying now
would trigger my nagging later
Coz abating my sadness now
would quill my irritation later

Let me try
and let me fly
Let me stand
and let me run

And If I fail
I know you are there
And if I fall
I know you are there

Feed me then
and show me care
Feed me then
Coz I know den you are there
Coz I know den you are there


James Parker said...

Harsha, beautiful writing. And, certainly, you may use my art for your blog...I would be honored. My talent is a gift from The Father and is meant to be shared. Bless you.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

AIG executives

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thank you for asking first,Harsha:)

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA. Poet has made donations to the charity called "Operation Smile.")


Child, because I sent my pledge
to some torn patch of the globe--
Cambodia, Morocco, Honduras--
you can now smile for the first time
at your mother's deep brown eyes,
or chew the banana she peels for you,
or learn how to say another word, tongue
meeting the new roof of your mouth.
The word for "love" or "tasty" or
"more." More hugs, more bananas.
And when you are no longer a child,
when you are healed enough to
recite your village's oldest words,
smile when you come to that story's
tragic ending. Mend whatever you can
of our clefted world. Smile often
for the sake of disconsolate poets.

Meandering Michael said...

D'oh! Stephen beat me to it; I had the AIG idea last night but didn't get around to posting this until now...

I work
and I work
and I work
and I work
But none of it goes to me

It goes to
and greedy
and gluttonous
who "work" at AIG.

Anonymous said...

Love this!!


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