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Image Prompt: Soldier

Art Title: Soldier © Matt Mahurin
Visit his website to see additional artwork and photos.
The photographer/illustrator lives in New York, and specializes in
Illustration and Photography.
"My brother serves as a soldier
With his comrades night and day;
But my brother is wise,
and may yet return,
Though the dead lie far away."
~Confucius (Ode: The Soldier)
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Artwork used with permission from Matt Mahurin.


James Parker said...


With arms around my brother,
His body wracked with pain,
We're headed home for healing,
Though the scars will still remain.

We slowly wind our way,
Through the bodies, dead and dying,
This battleground, a killing field,
A shame to all mankind.

What evil seed lies in us,
To bring about such horror?
Against our fellow man,
And cause us so much sorrow.

Will there ever come the day,
When Love will fill our core.
To embrace our sisters and brothers
And tell war, "That's more"

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Nice painting and an interesting image. It seems to be the antidote to Delacroix's painting, Liberty.

Anil P said...

The ode is so apt for the image above. Sometimes it is difficult to choose which is more effective in a given situation, a picture or a painting.

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Mean ball to the head, maybe to
the temple,and the player falls to her knees on the field.
Before the club's referee can spot her drop,
I start my count from the bleachers.
How many seconds does she wobble, dizzy
on the ground? How many girls shuffle closer
like nurses, coached by instinct
Does the injured have a ponytail? Two braids?
Is she wearing Number 6? Is it the only
fleet-bodied daughter I will ever have?

A Cuban In London said...

'And the look in her eyes showed a defiance that a hundred anti-war conventions could never achieve'.

Greetings from London.

glorv1 said...

I'm not sure what to make of this other than the young lad, (although it appears to be a girl) is helping out the older person. Taking him out of harm's way. He's looking over at us as if he is thinking that the person taking the picture should be helping instead.
Have a great week Nancy.


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