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Image Prompt: Sweet Anjou

Art Title: Sweet Anjou © Michelle Burnett
Visit her blog to see additional artwork. And, her website HERE.
And, her monthly painting challenge blog HERE.
The artist lives in Utah, and specializes in oil painting.

Artwork used with permission from Michelle Burnett.


glorv1 said...

We have a pear tree and we're hopeful that it will bear fruit this year. The perfect color of green on that painting. Great painting. Thx.

Lisa said...

no words for this
a pear
with custard ?

WHY? said...

It's so funny because I was having a conversation with my neighbor about this. Her attitude is that we should refrain from living in any manner which may get us into hell. Her rules of life are obviously governed by her religion and her church. I disagree, and agree with this quote. We get one life, that is all. The end is the end and to live our lives planning for the end is utterly ridiculous.

sudharm baxi said...

Appears as if the pear is meditating, all alone with its own profound silence intermingled with that of the white cloth and the surroundings, sweet painting..

James Parker said...


I'm not all all like other folks,
I'm weird...or so I'm told.
Women never turned me on,
And guys just left me cold.

My obsession started long ago,
It hit me unawares.
You may think I'm kinda fruity,
But I started loving pears.

I wouldn't ever eat one,
That's something I can't do
I'd rather read them poetry...
A loaf of bread, a jug of wine..Anjou.

James Parker said...

I seldom do a double take..please indulge me..

If we saw The Father daily,
Like a boss that can't be missed,
Then the wondrous joy of Faith,
Could simply not exist.

To think that being human,
We have reached the perfect form,
Is not only quite self-righteous,
But a total bunch of smarm.

Creation is a journey,
We're one step along the way.
The universe should be unfolding,
Getting clearer every day.

"We have one life" is what some say,
Who haven't seen The Light.
"This life...The End" is what they think,
For them, they're probably right.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Tastefully done.

Meandering Michael said...

Up in the sky, up in a tree
Or buried in the ground
A taste of life's great energy's
in everything around
You only need to pick them up
Then when the timing's right
You seize the moment -
savour it -
And take a little bite

On a less serious note, I've been inspired to re-write a well-known song:

The Snacks of Life
You grow the pears
You grow the plums
You grow the fruits
And they become
The Snacks of Life
The Snacks of Life

There's a time you
gotta go and grow
the fruits out in
the orchard fo'
The Snacks of Life
The Snacks of Life

You may need
a swarm of bees
to get pol-lin-a-tion
up in your trees
And suddenly you're findin' out
The Snacks of Life aren't just about fruit

It takes a lot to get 'em ripe
When you're growin' the Snacks of Life
(Growin' the Snacks of Life)
Growin' the Snacks of Life
(Growin' the Snacks of Life)
Grown' the Shacks of Liiiiiiife

Michelle Burnett said...

Look beyond the bruise or blemish
To the firm, ripe flesh
Taste the tart, and the sweet
For it is Life

Renee said...

I am not surprised you love her poetry.



Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)

RAID (in Anglo-Saxon meter)

Across the tiles|race April's ants.
Small today,|but soon their size
will grow, gain|girth and length.
Time for battle.|For targets and traps
air-tight, lethal.|Allured, leaders will
feed on bait,|then bring back traces
to the nest. The next|ant nibbles his fate.
Just one capsule|kills the colony.
One low mound,|made to mimic
in white plastic|a primitive pile of dirt
with eight stations|equally spaced
for ease of sacrifice|to a solstice sun.

Michelle Burnett said...

Thank you Nancy! ;)

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

My pleasure, Michelle:) Thank you.

Meandering Michael said...

I had that darned song stuck in my head all day...

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Me, too. And, I also kept seeing Charlotte Rae in my mind. Thanks, alot:)

Sarah-Paige said...

A pear of one, a pair of two.
There we are me and you
set sail among the clouds
reciting broken vows,
together in our seperation
becoming fond of exasperation.
Coming down for tea
tears contained behind a levy,
but the waves pound
silently with a clanging sound !
Bullets and battlefields
where innocent fruit weilds
the power of succulence
keeping anger in its trance,
keeping hands in the light,
keeping words from the fight.


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