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Photo Prompt: Freewriting

Visit his website to see additional photos. And, his blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Cedar Key and Tallahassee, Florida,
and specializes in printmaking and documentary and fine art photography.

Writing Prompt
Freewriting is a great tool, and serves many purposes.
It's a great way to gather initial ideas for any writing or creative pursuit.
Take a couple of minutes and jot down whatever thoughts
come to your mind from this image.
And, don't worry about spelling or grammar.
Quick freewriting tips HERE and HERE
Photo used with permission from Christian Harkness.


Rinkly Rimes said...

My first visit and a very interesting photograph!

I hope I am supposed to write my poem as part of my Comment! Here it is.

If she had waited a while
She would have heard the telephone ringing.
She would have answered it.
She would have heard his voice.

But she did not wait!
She could not wait.
Not one more moment of waiting could she endure.

It had gone on too long.
The hurt.
The emptiness.
The pain.

She would end it.

Taking the overdose was easy.
Too easy.
The tablets slipped down her throat
Without hindrance.
She desired them so completely.

Sleeping was easy too.
She slept.
She died.

And, as her spirit emerged
From her body

The telephone rang.

A Cuban In London said...

'... and finally Rena lay back on the couch and let her soul caress her all, touch her whole body, massage her spirit. She had never felt as elated as now. The day had come and she was ready to go...'

Greetings from London.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

astral travel

Sarah-Paige said...

In arms of silver
lay thee to rest…a sleep eternal,
as the proverbs go.
Candlelight and all that is soft
and calm washes over
like the faintest music overheard
from the cliffs above.
A love of life that wanes,
a swaying flame, in a cool breeze
exhaled from her pale nostrils
in pleasure’s sigh.
Roses stripped of their rose
in noir memories,
stems still and bent, arced
in a an ageing curve,
their petals silent
as angel’s foot falls
litter the shadows strewn
about a lover’s room.

WHY? said...

Is she dreaming, dying, or fantasizing? Her face does express a bit of letting go, but it's difficult to know letting go from what. The way her arm is posed is rather interesting. I suspect she is having a rather marvelous fantasy in the middle of the afernoon.

James Parker said...

The first impression I had of this photo when I first saw it was that she was "tripping" following poem is not meant to infer that this photo relates to any form of drug use.


This woman's a prime example,
Of what you shouldn't do
If you take to creative writing,
In expressing your inner view.

She takes the journey out and in,
For the attempt to pen her prose,
The dark secret of her efforts lie,
In what she just stuck up her nose.

I've known so many creative folks,
Who've sparked their imagination
With coke and pot and other junk,
And wound up in stark frustration.

The beauty of one's writing,
Comes from a fire within,
But the mind must be unclouded,
Or the message's paper-thin.

L.Holm said...

past, present and future. dreamscapes. filtered by the hazy gauze of memory.The arm is not hers, or is but there's a problem with the anatomy. The fingers are fused into the shoulder. a cloaked figure in front? forms fused, hidden, cloaked. dreaming of perfection; marred by the reality of existence.

muthu said...

tat snap was too good... :)


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