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Image Prompt: Hello Earth

Art Title: Hello Earth © Mark Sheeky
Visit his website to see additional artwork. And, his blog HERE.
The artist lives in Cheshire, United Kingdom, and specializes
in surrealistic art.

Artwork used with permission from Mark Sheeky.


glorv1 said...

If my hands could reach your volumptious beauty, I'd rule the world.

Bye Nancy.

Poetic Artist said...

For let us all give the earth a helpful hand of loving care. For it is our standing ground.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Apologies to the photographer because I've written a nonsense rhyme about a very moving photograph!


I was abandoned on the voyage and nobody has missed me yet!
I'd no idea till this disaster that I was easy to forget!
They packed the spacecraft full of space-stuff, mirrors, packages and such,
But when it came to a 'merely human' no-one seemed to bother much!
I was tying a shoe-lace when it happened, bending down as one always does,
When I suddenly realised doors were slamming! Then the engine gave a buzz!
Then it gave a tremendous shudder and flames shot out from fore and aft.
I was looking up at a tiny speck that had been, till now, my Mother Craft!
The speck then faded into nothing. All I could see was that dear old Earth,
That place with all the trees and water! That lovely place that gave me birth!
I looked around at an icy desert! I'd become The Man in the Moon!
I'm feeling rather cold and hungry!
I hope they come and find me, soon!

Lisa said...

the hand of the Goddess

James Parker said...


I've always had this itching,
This tendency to roam,
So I bought this lunar cabin,
It's what I now call home

I've really come to like it,
My place among the stars,
Now I'm looking at a condo,
On the other side of Mars.

I've never really missed the Earth,
With its crime and drugs and wars,
Over-paid athletes and bratty teens,
And jaded movie stars.

Its global warming and toxic waste,
Was enough to make me cry.
So I moved on to outer space,
And to Earth I wave goodbye.

Caroline said...

Reaching out...
But, is it too late?
Can we save Mother Earth from our wrath?

Alina Chau said...


A Cuban In London said...

'He threw it so hard and so far that years later people were still looking for the Earth'.

Greetings from London.

nc said...

"..earrrthhhh...i neeee..ed you.."

Meandering Michael said...

A Surrealistic Story for a Piece of Surrealistic ArtI saw it in a comic book (a tiny little ad)
With a promise that I just could not ignore
"Stubby arms?" the mono-coloured advertisement asked,
"We can help you reach much further than before!"

Well, I was hooked! I had short arms -
A problem that I hoped to overcome -
And so I bought their stretch-technique
And paid to them a hefty little sum.

"Every day," the guide book said,
"You reach a little further than before.
Stretch way up. Then touch your toes
And do this 'till your hands can reach the floor."

Well, I was rather eager, so I took things up a notch,
But in hindsight I had done it much to soon.
The floor is much too near to me to really stretch my reach,
And so I caught a spaceship flying to the moon!

So here I stretch and reach and stretch
And reach and stretch and reach and stretch some more
I'm really not too happy with my guidebook's stretch technique
Because my arms feel like they're shorter than before!


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