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Image Prompt: Hidden Gifts

Art Title: The Gift © Kyra Crouzat
Visit her site to see additional artwork.
Kyra lives on her sailboat in Victoria, British Columbia, and
specializes in mixed media.
Writing Prompt Thought
1) Suffering and adversity can reveal hidden gifts if
we open our minds and recognize them as gifts.

2) What gift or strength lies buried within you?
Artwork used with permission from Kyra Crouzat.


Lisa said...

to be who i am , i can not be what you want me to be

Renee said...

The gift of being able to understand. xoxoxo

Caroline said...

The gift of wisdom, confidence and being more comfortable in my own skin. Each day brings more gifts of insights and lessons...

James Parker said...


It's possible great talent,
May be hidden deep inside,
That we haven't yet considered,
Or taken out and tried.

Perhaps a Michaelangelo,
Rembrandt or Monet,
Lies snoozing neath the surface,
To be wakened up one day.

Shakespeare in the country,
Mark Twain inside the city,
To keep it all sealed up,
Would certainly be a pity.

All it just may take,
To discovr what is there,
Is to get your butt in motion,
And get off that stupid chair.

James Parker said...


This lady has a gift,
She gives it all away.
To her loyal, faithful hairdresser,
Who's a millionaire today.

Michelle said...

In my hands

I hold a thing

It's priceless don't you see

This gift of mine

I'm giving you

Is the truth of me

readingsully2 said...

A gift of oneself
is the greatest gift of all-
A perfect white pearl.

Glynis said...

The gift of friendship
no ribbons, no bows
Just a kindly word,
and a heart that shows,
the strength to care,
and love no matter what,
That gift for you is all I've got.

Oh and an award on Scribbles :)

Flor Larios Art said...

The gift of being able to try hard at everything.

Lorna said...

Actually, I look at that picture and I wonder what that woman is thinking and whether she is sufferingl There is something about her that makes me think that she has it all figured out and is proceeding on whatever truth she has distilled from her experiences,

She is kind but she is flip and she is wise but she is extremely careless and knows no boundaries.


dominique eichi said...

No fortune was paid for this gift, no exchange of service, no forcing anyone to give it to me. I cannot understands how come it's free.
it's mind boggling I did not need to change for it.
Did I have that choice to accept it at any time ?
This gift, I will give it the honor these other things did not receive.

glorv1 said...

I'm unable to stand, so would you please come to me.

That sure does look heavy to me.


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