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Image Prompt: The Pink Rose

Artwork © Liz Holm Paintings
Visit her blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in the Baltimore/Washington area,
and specializes in painting.
Writing Prompt Idea
Pink roses often symbolize gratitude.
Write a poem, letter, or whatever you choose
to someone you are grateful to. Perhaps, a
stranger from your past who showed kindness
during a difficult time.
Artwork used with permission from Liz Holm.


Poetic Artist said...

For this beautiful rose is given to you for the kindness you share with me and for so many others.
Thank you,

Meandering Michael said...

Thank you sir, for helping with the automatic door
At the store that sells the outdoor goods and seasonal decor
Your courteousness was doubled when you tried to hold the next
But again it opened on its own and left you quite perplexed.

- Based on a true story.

dominique eichi said...

"You" made me, how can I not be grateful.
I bloom because of your light.
I grow because you watered me.
My scent is the perfume of my legacy you gave me.
You protect me from my natural enemies with my thorns.
You guide me to enjoy and be enjoyed.
In my death you press me to help me see I will never be forgotten.
As I'm being pruned you show me ,
from it even more I bloom.

Rinkly Rimes said...

My offering can be found on my blog

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Wow!!! That's an amazing painting.

A Cuban In London said...

'My children's smile'.

Greetings from London.

James Parker said...


There aren't sufficient words
To tell you how I feel,
You gave me life & watched me grow,
You showed me what was real.

Those first few steps in life,
Were guided by your hand.
And every time I stumbled,
You were there to help me stand.

My life's been truly blessed,
By the Good Lord up above,
But the greatest gift He gave me,
Was the treasure of Your Love.

You've left this world for now,
And I shed a lonely tear,
But you walk beside me in my heart,
Your presence always near.

So I'm giving you this rose,
To the one who's like no other
This rose, my heart, and 4 small words

P.S. The fourth stanza can be deleted for Moms still living.

Cathyann said...

Pressed for Time

Against my studio wall
Tacked upside down
Still curled in the ribbon of your love

Against my studio wall
Once pink faded brown
Your affection remains with me still

Against my studio wall
Your unselfish heart and your rose
Stop time, pressed for time

Anonymous said...


All the petals of the rose add to it's beauty...for without the petals, the rose would be no more.

glorv1 said...

Hi Nancy, that is a beautiful painting of a rose. I am always inspired by roses and their look and scent. Especially David Austin roses whose scents are out of this world. Thx for sharing.

Ellie Great said...


L.Holm said...

Dear Dad,
Thanks for running behind my bike when the training wheels came off, and then trusting me enough to let go. I miss you. L.B.


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