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Image Prompt: The Young Gardener

Art Title: The Young Gardener © Carol Nelson Fine Art
Visit her site to see additional artwork. And, her blog HERE.
The artist lives in Aurora, Colorado, and paints in a variety of styles
from realism to abstraction.

Artwork used with permission from Carol Nelson.


Poetic Artist said...


nc said...

.." i will sell this and give the money to mama.."

Lisa said...

my life is to love

James Parker said...


I have a pretty garden,
On a little piece of land.
That I nurture and I fertilize,
And cultivate by hand.

I go and tend my garden,
Whenever I am able,
To bring fresh fruit and vegetables,
To Mama's kitchen table.

My Papa works all day.
In the hot Peruvian heat,
So we can have some clothes to wear,
And sufficient food to eat.

So it may not seem like much,
But I try to do my part,
The food that's from my garden.
Is a gift that's from my heart.

cornel said...

very cute and beautiful painting

dominique eichi said...

"I'm hungry " to quote a friend .
I will add this to my "brisket stew" yum ! yum !

Meandering Michael said...

My father gave me his old goat
I wasn't good for much
Too old for food
Too mean to keep
Too old to mate, and such

I sold the old goat in the town
And bought a bag of seeds
Then cleared the roots
And turned the ground
And picked out all the weeds
Then planted every seed with care
Hauled water every day
Then watched
And waited
And waited
One week and a day

The eager sprouts
Reached for the sun
New vines began to shoot
And when the summer sun was done
The plants revealed their fruit

I packaged all the squashes
And I sold them one by one
Then I bought a larger piece of ground
And doubled what I'd done

Every year things multiplied
I grew new kinds of squash
I'm thirty now
I own much land
I live a life that's posh

I cannot help but wonder
Though the past seems so remote
How different my life would be
If I had kept that goat

A Cuban In London said...

'Sentado solo
En un banco en la ciudad
Con tu mirada
Recordando el litoral.
Tu suerte quiso estar partida
Mitad verdad, mitad mentira
Como esperanza
De los pobres prometida.

Andando solo
Bajo la llovizna gris
Fingiendo duro
Que tu vida fue de aqui
Por que cambiaste un mar de gente
Por donde gobierna la flor
Mira que el rio
Nunca regalo el color.

Carito suelta tu pena
Se hara diamante tu lagrima
Entre mis cuerdas
Carito suelta tu piedra
Para volar como el zorzal en primavera.

En Buenos Aires
Los zapatos son modernos
Pero no lucen
Como en la plaza de un pueblo
Deja que tu luz chiquitita
Hable en secreto a la cancion
Para que te acaricie
Un poco mas el sol.

Cualquier semilla
Cuando es planta quiere ver
La misma estrella
De aquel atardecer
Que la salvo del pico agudo
Refugiandola al oscuro
De la gaviota arrasadora
De los surcos.

Carito yo soy tu amigo
Me ofrezco arbol para tu nido
Carito suelta tu canto
Que el abanico en mi acordeon
Lo esta esperando.

Cancion para carito - performed by Mercedes Sosa

Sorry about the lack of translation. The song is about a boy who travels from the countryside, possibly the Andean region to the big city and his tribulations there. It's one of the more popular traditional South American songs and one that is recognised everywhere you go in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay or Paraguay.

Greetings from London.

Renee said...

Nancy this little boy is so wonderful and look at all the colours.

I love your pictures.


glorv1 said...

This child is beautiful. The colors are breath taking. That slight smile on the face makes you wonder what the child is thinking or looking at. Beautiful.


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