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Image Prompt: The Song

Art Title: The Wrecker © Lisa Falzon
Visit her website to see additional works.
And, her blog HERE and Etsy site HERE.
The artist was born and raised in Malta, but lives in rural Ireland and
specializes in several media-digital, oils, photography
and mixed-media.

Artwork used with permission from Lisa Falzon.


Pat Jenkins said...

oh the beauty and grace of a well played song!!

maglomaniac said...

Hey was busy a lot.So just couldnt visit this wonderful place.
And when I m here each photo is just pulling me.

Would just take tym to satiatae myself.
And well

"Hope that some day
I too could understand
the song that I have been playing
for so long
over and over again
Might be
some day"

WHY? said...

She sits on her rock playing the same song over and over again, but he never shows up.

Day after day, year after year, she plays the tune that she played that first day he appeared in her dreams.

Only, it wasn't a dream. His flesh was as real as the dolphins that swim pass her and graze her arms playfully.

The music she plays is only for him. Others have appeared, but her eyes only look the other way.

If you look close, you can see tears rolling down her sun burned face. Her liquid eyes, studying the horizon.

readingsully2 said...


The luring song of
of the mermaids has sunken
many sailing ships.

nc said...

mermaid of the sea..singing praise to the lurking eyes.

"may this song fly with the wind..and touches the longing hearts."

p/s: beautiful picture :)

Michael said...

I know the harp's misleading
Many a sailor has been wrong
Be you a fool or be you a sharpie
You will learn that
I am not a Harpy

It's sweet music you'll be needing
For your voyage has been long
Your heart is filled with yearning
To hear a Siren's song

Sail closer to me sailors
And I will sing the Siren's song

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

The raging sea was roaring like a lion.
In the distance I could see the fluke of their tails skimming under the breakers. They circled and made crying sounds to their young below the foamy caps. They circled the rock in celebration of their soon to come voyage. Through the mist, I saw the murmaid sitting on the rock, she played the song of harmony and peaceful travels to all. Suddenly, like a star falling from the sky, she slipped into the icy water to lead them on their journey.


James Parker said...


I sing my magic song,
To the sailors on the sea,
They're caught up in the music,
Entranced, they rush to me.

The "Siren of the Sea",
Is what I've heard I'm called,
I may seem rather innocent,
If you knew, you'd be appalled.

Cause there's evil in my mind,
Beneath these curly locks,
The sailors' ships are crushed,
And destroyed on these rocks.


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