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Image Prompt: Alone

Art © Maryam Tabatabaei - A Girl's Life
View her blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in the United Arab Emirates, and specializes in illustrations.

Artwork used with permission from Maryam Tabatabaei.


Meandering Michael said...

The girl in the snow-globe
lived a very simple life
The snow-globe was her shelter from the world

Suddenly, a man appeared
and filled her life with strife
He spun the globe and watched as white snow swirled

Through the storm he spied the girl
She cried, "You hear me?"
Shocked, he answered, "Yup!"

"Then put me down, please!
Gently, please! I hate it when
folks come and shake things up!"

Poetic Artist said...

You know I was going to post my thoughts and read Meandering Michael and I could not say it any better than what he wrote.. So thanks Michael.

Lorna said...

You could say that one is never alone. There is always that voice. Maybe his voice. Maybe her voice. It either gets dredged up because you need it, or it filters through when you do not expect it.

There is also the voice that you know very well. A companion voice that tells you things that you have always known. Tells you your dreams and your fears. And you are never alone because wherever you are, you are there.


A Cuban In London said...

'Inside her head, Mary surveyed her own kingdom.'

Greetings from London.

Pat Jenkins said...

loneliness is so draining!!!

dolly p. said...

life in a bubble
can be lonely and cold
life in a bubble
if only i could be so bold
as to bust out and be free
to experience all that life has for me
but no
life in this bubble is my security and it is where i chose to be

Glynis said...

The noise had stopped, she could come out of her hiding place. Her parents had finished their fight.

James Parker said...


You will not recognize me.
It's a disguise that I've got on,
But you read about me daily,
In the tabloids like "The Sun"

A face that's so familiar...
One that everybody knows,
"The woman who has everything"
Or so the story goes.

This glow above my head.
Is what is known as Limeight,
And the fishbowl that surrounds me,
Serves to represent my plight.

I have no freedom,
I'm a prisoner, Don't you see?
Because I was so "fortunate"
To become a celebrity.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Eeee gads!!! Where did frosty the snowman go?

readingsully2 said...


A snow globe is like
crystal ball that captures a
moment in a life.

Jane said...

The girl hated sharing a room with her little sister. Her sister stole her toys, drew crayola on her clothes, and made blabbing noises when she was trying to sleep. All she wanted was to be alone!

Then, one night, her sister was quiet. She opened her eyes and found she was not in her room. Instead, there was snow all around her. When she tried to stand up, she hit her head. Ouch!

Where was she?


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