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Image Prompt: He Never Followed

Art © Kathy Hare Illustration
Visit her website to see additional artwork. And, her blog HERE.
The artist lives in Harlow, Essex in the UK, and specializes in
illustration for children.

Artwork used with permission from Kathy Hare.


Pat Jenkins said...

being your own person can leave you on your own!!!

Meandering Michael said...

Billy-Joe the Third is not a part of the herd
Billy-Joe the Third thinks that that would be absurd
Billy-Joe the Third is as free as any bird
And that is the Word according to Billy-Joe the Third

Poetic Artist said...

We all have our own tree that we belong.

Glynis said...

Freedom speaks volumes,
the boy shows no fear,
Freedom speaks volumes,
his courage is clear.

Freedom speaks volumes,
only dreams to share,
Freedom speaks volumes,
come up, enjoy, I dare.

James Parker said...


"Come go with us" the children cried,
As school let out that day,
But I had other things to do,
So I simply said "No Way"

I'm never one to follow,
As they play their silly game,
I'm just a bit more daring,
And that seems a little tame.

So I did a little climbing,
As you can plainly see,
I get my kicks by hanging,
Upside down from this old tree.


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