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Photo Prompt: She Waits

Photo: © Dungha
Visit his blog to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Bucuresti, Romania, and specializes in
street photography.

Photo used with permission from Dungha.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Another predator here. He's waiting, but he knows he'll get a snack without much effort!

James Parker said...


I worked all night and day,
To make this web you see,
It took a lot of effort,
But it's really quite a beauty.

Each slender little thread,
Is thick with sticky goo,
To snare the quickest beetle,
And moths...and crickets, too.

So now I'll sit and wait,
There's just one thing to do,
Put out my welcome sign,
And then I should be through.

"Welocme to my parlor,
Step right up and enter,
We can visit for a while,
And, well, join me then for dinner.

Pat Jenkins said...

all woman are blood suckers!!... oh i am kidding.. i loooove the ladies!!!

Meandering Michael said...

Oh, what a tangled web I weave
Where I receive the poor naive
Relieve them of their joie de vivre
The ones I want can never leave


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