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Image Prompt: Faith

Illustration © Kathryn Howard - Sniplings
Visit her blog site to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Pennsylvania, and specializes in illustrations
and mixed media.
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Artwork used with permission from Kathryn Howard.


Poetic Artist said...

Faith, In Life and in our self.
Such a big word.

WHY? said...

I have survived the darkest hour, and wished for sleep to never end. But, if I keep real still, and take the deepest breathe, I know how lucky I am to be alive. And, no matter what fortunes may or may not come my way, I have the faith to endure it all. The pain, the fear, the losses, and the love. Faith is what pushes me along.

James Parker said...


The universe around us,
Is filled with vast unknown,
It can leave you feeling helpless,
And often quite alone.

But if you stop to think of it,
There's a reason we're so small,
It's because out there there's one so big,
He watches over all.

Although you cannot see Him,
Or call Him on the phone,
His handiwork is everywhere,
That's how He makes His presence known.

It takes so very little,
To fall within His grace,
Something small, but yet so mighty...
A simple seed of Faith.

But when that seed is planted,
And nurtured every day,
You'll see it growing stronger,'
To show and guide the way.

dolly p. said...

her purpose was always so clear
she was the girl that blew on the dandelion and dared to wish
she was the girl that stared out the window and dared to dream

with her destiny ever so near
she is the woman who understands the power of love and vision
she is the woman that walks in the strength of her faith

her life's journey imprinted with much passion and many a tear.

Meandering Michael said...

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Meandering Michael said...

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