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Music Video Prompt

Melissa Etheridge's version of a John Lennon classic.
Directed by artist Matt Mahurin
Visit his website to see additional artwork and photos.
Matt lives in New York, and specializes in
Illustration and Photography.


glorv1 said...

Very nice Nancy. Just stopped by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Be happy, healthy and prosper. Take care:D

Tweedles -- that's me said...

This song makes me feel like saying

..i wish there was peace on earth.
Melissa sings it beautifully.
Merry Christmas

James Parker said...


Another Christmas comes along,
And soon a brand new year.
A season filled with joy,
And spreading Yuletime cheer.

The reason for the season,
Is the wonder of Jesus' birth,
Bringing hope and joyful tidings,
To every corner of the earth.

But the message has grown distant,
As the shoppers crowd the mall,
We seldom think about Him,
And sometimes, not at all.

The wondrous gift he gives us,
Won't be found on Santa's sled,
Or wrapped beneath the Christmas tree,
In ribbons of green and red.

So don't look for what He gives us,
In that Wal-Mart shopping cart,
His gift of Love and Sharing,
Will be found within your heart.

Anonymous said...

Beautifull !
I love Melissa Eldredge.
Thanks to sharing and welcome to page.

Meandering Michael said...

On this day
We celebrate
The Birth
Of a quiet revolutionary
Who shared a message
Of Peace
Of Love
Of Sharing
Of Caring
Of Forgiving
And Understanding
Of Giving Everything
And Taking Nothing

On this day
We Celebrate
The Birth
By buying everything
And giving Nothing


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