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Creative Prompt: This Child

Photo © Joakim Eskildsen
Visit his website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Denmark.

Photo used with permission from Joakim Eskildsen.


Sarah-Paige said...

A child rests in love
wrapped neat in loyal shadows,
sing soft my young blossom.

James Parker said...


No secrets, no evil, no doubts,
A young child peacefully slumbered,
Too soon to an adult she'll grow,
The days of her innocence numbered.

Her parents must seek to embrace her,
And guide her each step of the way,
To mold her in truth, love and grace,
This sweet litle child of clay.

In the trust and strength of our youth,
Is where the fate of humanity lies,
If the values of good ever perish
Then all hope for the future just dies.

Meandering Michael said...

I have a First Nation friend who lives "in the bush", practicing a traditional lifestyle. One day, she asked me what "middle class" and "upper class" were all about. She was very concerned by what I told her. She isn't wealthy in a monetary sense, and considers herself rich in other ways; but was very concerned that other people would think she was poor. She didn't feel poor at all.

It's Best For the Poor Child

This child is dirty
So poor and in need
She needs to be rescued
Fed, bathed, taught to read
Her parents are paupers
And cannot provide
The basic essentials
Or be her moral guide
Come, let us save her
And show her the way
We'll give her a good life
We'll share with her our life
The richness of our life
We'll save her today

My daughter is perfect
A beauty, indeed
She sleeps in great comfort
With nary a need
Though our life is simple
In this we take pride:
The basic essentials
A strong moral guide
Oh, how we love her
The light of our day
We'll give her a good life
We'll share with her our life
The richness of our life
Don't take her away


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