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Creative Prompt: Go!

Photo © Tread - GoTreadGo
Visit his website to see additional photos.
And, his photo blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Central Kentucky, and specializes
in Toy Camera Photography specifically Black & White
and Color photography, captured non-digitally, and
printed traditionally using silver and paper.

Photo used with permission from Tread.


Poetic Artist said...

Go and be true to your self.
Go and laugh out loud.
Go and be kind to others.
Go before it is too late.
Just Go.

James Parker said...


It's been thirty years or more,
Since I've seen my old home town,
I've been travelin' round the country,
Up this road...and down.

I've been a hundred different places,
Seen a thousand different things,
Had the spotlight, center stage,
And waited in the wings.

I've lived a life of comfort,
Earned respect from near and far,
Then came upon some hard times,
And made "home" the local bar.

Now I've got my act together,
And decided to go home,
To the place where I was brought up,
And the folks that I had known.

I expected quite a welcome,
From old friends I would greet,
You can imagine my surprise, when,
I saw this sign on main street.

Meandering Michael said...

To fully understand
You cannot accept
Only the parts of
That others want us to see


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