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Creative Prompt: Mom Gave It To Amy

Photo Title: Mom Gave It To Amy
Visit her website to see additional photos.
She lives in Driftwood, Texas, and specializes in fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Laura Pickett Calfee.


James Parker said...


Parson Brown had come to visit,
A hundred years ago today
To console my dear young Grandma,
When Great Grand-Dad passed away.

Maudie Jones and all the girls,
Stopped by for Tuesday Tea,
All decked out in finery..,
Oh, what a sight to see!

When Dad-to-be first met my Mom,
He sat inside the parlor,
Beads of sweat ran down his face,
And soaked his starched white collar.

All those times the tea was poured,
From this graceful little pot,
What wondrous tales that it could tell,
Cos I'm sure it heard a lot.

When Grandma died, she passed along,
This teapot down to me,
Now I've grown old and will do the same,
For my grand-daughter, dear Amy.

Sarah-Paige said...

Teapot silver and true
reality refracted
in its curvature sides
my counterfeit muse.

On a capsule of age
handle and spout aligned
along the meridian divide
holding candle lit rage.

But lies could not tame me
eyes a piercing suprise
all went dark as I heard,
'mom gave it to Amy'.

Meandering Michael said...

Amy got the teapot
Charlie got the car
Millie got the mansion
Chuck, the old guitar
Betsy got the silverware
Frank got all the dough
Florence got the jewels
It was very apropos
My mother left me nothing
Had already what I need
'Cause she shared with me with her wisdom
And the life skills to succeed


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