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Creative Prompt: Waiting For Charlie

Art © James Parker Art
Visit his site to see additional artwork.
And, Windows to the Words and Daily Pain Things.
And, his Etsy site HERE.
After spending three years in Costa Rica, James is back in Texas,
harassing the armadillos and painting whatever he can't barbecue.

Artwork used with permission from James Parker.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Another faithful dog here:

James Parker said...


My master's such a good guy,
Always full of cheer,
I suspect the reason for that,
Is he's always full of beer.

We stop by this cantina,
At least two times a day,
A cerveza, maybe two,
And then we're on our way.

Then there's days when he's real thirsty,
And two turns into ten,
So I'll lay out here and wait,
Watching folks go out and in.

But days like that are special,
When I earn a juicy bone,
Cause I'm the one that helps him,
Find his way back home.

WHY? said...

And the day came, when the townspeople had to take charge. For they realized that the dog might die of hunger if they let him lie there in front of Charlie's restaurant. Every morning, Charlie had fed the dog treats from the night before. His favorite pieces of scraps that were devoured in seconds. Pieces of rare steak smothered in Charlie's special gravy. No one knew where the dog came from. He just showed up one day all skin and bones. A piece of heavy rope nearly choking his throat. His eyes, like two shiny brown marbles, couldn't hide the loneliness. Only Charlie could get the dog's tail wagging.

For a week now, the dog lay by the door to Charlie's restaurant. Waiting for Charlie to walk out the door. He wouldn't eat, and you could hear the soft whimpering every now and then. The dog wouldn't move. Not even strange foot steps could stir him.

He would only lie there, and wait for Charlie to come out of the empty restaurant.

dominique eichi said...

Love your artwork here and your artwork is always delighful.

I loved your story Too bad you do not have a blog for me to comment ?!

Nancy ,
Thanks for putting pictures that stir our hearts and minds.

Meandering Michael said...

For two days I have moped here
For two days I have waited
My master told me "Stay here"
His command was clearly stated

My master went home that night
He was drunk and staggered home
My master told me "Stay here"
But forgot to tell me "Come"


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