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Creative Prompt: The Telephone

Photo by Lloyd Morgan (fakelvis)
He currently lives in Amersfoort, Netherlands
Visit his website HERE

This particular photo is part of the Creative Commons license,
and is free to use with credit to the photographer.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

My heart has so much to tell you.
And I felt so lost.
I could not find you.
And now before me
is the answer to my prayers.
And I cannot believe my eyes.
I did not expect
a miracle.
I did not expect
to find you,,,
in this red telephone,
just one call away.

Anonymous said...

With green being the colour of hope, word spoken inside, might be of Good and Beauty; not difficult with such an environment.

Please have a good Sunday.

daily athens

dominique eichi said...

Hey....I tried calling you but there was no answer.... what happened ! ... is your phone in a field on the side of the street somewhere or what.
Why don't you answer !!

(BTW nice to see you back stranger, missed you !)

From that last prompt of the tombstone I thought the blog was a goner but I see there is still a connection ...YEA

Meandering Michael said...

There are many stops
On life's great road
So much to see along the way
Gravel roads
Paved freeway
And wildlife
Sights appealing
Sights appalling
The best of stops
along that road
Is when you know
you've found your calling


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Aw, it's nice to "see" all of you, too:) xoxoxox

focusfinder said...

My village has just adopted its old red phone box from BT for just £1.00


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