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Image Prompt: Two Frogs

Art © James Parker
Visit his website to see additional artwork.
And, his blogs: James Parker Art and Windows to the Words
And, Daily Pain Things.
After spending three years in Costa Rica, James is back in Texas,
harassing the armadillos and painting whatever he can't barbecue.
Once upon a time.....
Write your own fairy tale.
Get creative!
Here's a very simplified "how to" HERE
Artwork used with permission from James Parker.


Rinkly Rimes said...

What a coincidence.. One of my blogs today is on the identical subject!

dominique eichi said...

Oh My ! Nancy I love your description of James under his pictures. It's perfect.

" Smile honey !... they're taking a picture of us . "

Pat Jenkins said...

how great is it to have a friend who is just like you!

James Parker said...


We're two little frogs,
Sitting deep in the forest,
Knee-Deep and Ribbet,
Is what some folks call us.

But there's not many people,
That happen our way,
Traffic deep in the rain forest,
Is not like L.A.

So we send out a welcome,
With our chirps and our croaks,
It goes in one ear and out,
The heads of most folks.

Now there's one big green frog,
That we know you've sure met,
We're proud he's our Grandpa,
The one they call Kermit.

WHY? said...

Once upon a time, in a land (right in our own backyard) lived Jo and Moe. Jo loved to hop, hop, hop everywhere, while Moe liked to sit on his favorite rock and catch flies with his long, sticky tongue. Under the warm sunshine, Moe would present every other fly to Jo. A gift of love and friendship. For their bond was as strong as two best friends could ever hope for.

Then, one cloudy, rainy day, some men came and tore up the backyard. Threw dirt into the pond, and chopped up all the trees. Jo and Moe had no choice but to hop away. Hop away to a distant land. Beyond the concrete jungle. Beyond the city lights. You can see Joe and Moe hopping still. Hopping for a home to call their own.


One has a smile, the other a frown.
Each on the same limb, with each their own point of view shown.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Long ago and far away
two happy green frogs lived
in a quiet little pond,,,,,,,,
in the midst of that dark forest.
It was such a long cold winter
the snow flakes fell
the ice formed on the pond
the forest seemed so very still.
Deep in the pond under the lilly pads
the little frogs had nestled,,
to keep warm
when suddenly
the seasons splendoriously changed.
The spring storms thundered and brought rain
and filled their pond to overflowing.
Plants that had been secretly
stretched and reached for the sky.
The frogs leaped and danced.
Spring had come to the pond!
and then the warm winds gusted and blew
and dandilion blossoms
floated across the sky.
The stars twinkled brightly in the dark sky
the frogs splashed in the ponds
they chased dragon flies
they floated on lily pads.
And then the leaves
miraculously changed colors,
autumn had come.
Leaves tumbled to the ground.
The frogs frolicked
among the falling leaves.
Their little voices sang.
The songs could be heard echoing
like a chorus across the quiet pond.
And then the snow flakes fell
like diamonds from the sky.
Winter had come.
Soon the pond will be frozen


and in the distance
you will see them sliding
and hopping
across the ice,
dancing with Jack Frost
happy as a frog.
What happy little frogs

Meandering Michael said...

Once upon a time,
In a land far, far away,
A little princess sat alone
And dreamed her days away.
Her mother had her courtiers.
Her father ruled the land.
All she wanted was their love;
They didn't understand.

Late one night she made a wish
At much too late an hour.
Two teary drops rolled off her cheeks
And tumbled out the tower.
And when they landed on the earth
Two jolly frogs appeared:
One frog had an overbite
The other had a beard.

With one great leap they reached the girl.
She tumbled with surprise.
And though she rubbed and rubbed them she
Could not believe her eyes.

"Fear not, dear Princess" said one frog.
"Fear not," chimed in the other,
"We will make your wish come true,
Or he is not my brother!"

Both frogs croaked a cheery tune
But still the princess stared.
"Follow us!" the frogs called out,
"It's time to get prepared!"

The princess followed both the frogs
Throughout the castle halls,
Then through the courtyard, out the gate
To No-One-Makes-It Falls.

The falls are named correctly:
Not a soul's survived the drop.
The bottom's lined by jagged rocks
That turn a man to chop.

"You'll make the plunge!" a frog decreed.
"But I will die!" she cried.
"Of course you won't, we're magic frogs!
You will not fall. You'll glide."

"Your father and your mother
Will be here to see your feat.
They'll fear you dead, feel great remorse
And feel so incomplete."

"They'll beg and plead to have you back
And swear that you'll be cherished,"
The froggy smiled, "Then they'll rejoice
To see you haven't perished!"

The Princess beamed. That was her wish!
Her wish would now come true!
She climbed the falls. A crowd amassed.
Her parents showed up, too.

"Come down! Come down!" the people begged.
Her mother wailed with fright
Her father's power was of no use
To him this woeful night.

"It's time to leap!" the first frog said.
"And glide down like the snow."
The princess leaped - then plummeted -
And hit the rocks below.

"Oh, well, Oh well," bemoaned a frog,
"For we can leap tall towers."
"And we can talk," the other said,
"But have no other powers."

Far down below, the king and queen
Both begged to have her back.
They swore that she'd be cherished,
But it was too late for that.

"Happily ever after" is
Cliche to me and you.
To know that both her parents cared
Had made her wish come true.


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