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Creative Prompt - 16

Photo © Abhishek Martins (Random Shutterbugger)
Visit his website to see additional photos.
And, his writing blog, here.
Abhishek lives in Jaipur, India, and is currently a student.
He is self-taught in photography, and started out using
his cell phone camera:)
Photo used with permission from Abhishek Martins

"My little old dog: A heart-beat at my feet"
~ Edith Wharton


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I love all the images I post on this blog, but I could look at your beautiful dog all day long, Abhishek:)

Meandering Michael said...

Bored bored bored bored
Bored bored bored bored
Sitting here waiting
And getting so bored
But when someone comes
I will leap to alert
And bark, bark my head off
And make their ears hurt
Not being protective
No cause to assert
Make what you will
Of this shameful affair
But I'm very bored sitting here
Under this chair


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