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Creative Prompt - 18

Visit her website and blog to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Brooklyn, New York and specializes in
dioramas and constructed photograpy.
Photo used with permission from Lori Nix.


Unknown said...

One in a million, and a million in one.
What sets you apart, what makes you your own?
Is it what's inside, the heartstrings tightly spun?
Is it what's outside, the shell keeping you alone?

No matter, no matter, It's all in your head.
The only true measure of your worth?
Why, it's as your maker once said.
Forget not yourself, you make your own bed.

Meandering Michael said...

Raised for one purpose then dropped from the sky
Beware ye, mosquito, of me, Dragonfly!
For aeons my kind has lived for the thrill
Of hunting you down and then eating our kill
You had your day, and now it must stop
Flee, if you can, from the Dragonfly Drop!


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