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Untitled Photo © Stacey Vaeth Photography
Visit her site to see additional photos.
The photographer, based in Washington, DC and covering the
Maryland, Virginia and DC regions, specializes in creating family
heirlooms through fine art photography. She has extensive experience
in family, wedding, infant, maternity, and fine art photography.

Photo Prompt

Study the image and spend five minutes free writing.

Writing Prompt
Select a part of your free writing exercise, and write a short story, poem, blog post, etc.

Word Prompt

Photo used with permission from Stacey Vaeth.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Let the image inspire you. You don't have to write about the subject matter. Write about the first thought that comes to you :)

Sarah Copeland said...

CRASH---Free Write---
Lights flash orange, the wind whips
like a mothers wrathful tongue,
coming here I thought I could reconcile
but here I cry out in pain as memories
eat me from the inside.
I pedal faster, littering tears along
a frozen sidewalk, I wonder what
the impact of flesh and steel would feel like,
pondering thoughts I continue...lights.
Why do they follow me? I have done nothing wrong,
is it wrong to want to live, to laugh
and understand?
Music fills my ears,
I am slipping away once more,
it is a steady beat with an upbeat vocal,
she soothes my fiery temper, my temperature drops.
"Take it slow, take it easy"
I hum its simple tune.
Returning to delirium I am sane
as I watch the passing people
from my rotting bench, the dedication plaque
has been unreadable for years.
Lights overhead and below,
forever searching, leaning into a tight corner
I grasp tightly the rubber of my handlebars,
narrowing my eyes I visualize brilliance and cunning.
The sound barrier shatters
as someone laughs inside my head
and rain falls from the parched ground,
I straighten body and bike,
pedaling lights flash
as I come to realize the feeling
of flesh and metal meeting.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Whether it be truth or fiction, thank you for sharing your stories :)


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