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Illustration Title: Maa (mother' in Bengali) © Kunal Kundu
Visit his blog site for additional artwork.
The artist lives in New Delhi, India, and specializes in Animation
and Illustration.

Image Prompt
Study the image. Write down three words, and write about them.

Writing Prompt
Write a short story, poem, blog post, or an experience about motherhood.

Word Prompt

Artwork used with permission from Kunal Kundu.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

**If you prefer a "true" image prompt, then study the daily image without scrolling down and reading the written prompts :)

Roxy said...

This is going to take some thought and more time then I have right now
I'll come back tomorrow and write something.
happy thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

My mother died a week after I turned sixteen. I had just left the house to go to the movies with my boyfriend, David. Planes, Trains and Automobiles was playing, and we both loved Steve Martin. We laughed so hard, we forgot about the popcorn. It was such a great night. David and I hadn't seen each other for weeks since he was in Florida visiting his brother. I was so happy to see him again. When I got home, I was still laughing. But, when I saw my sister's face, I didn't laugh again for months. It took me years to understand what happened that night. And, I still can't believe she is gone. It's something you can never forget.

Sarah Copeland said...

I lay alone, my thoughts
yearning for another.
I lay alone, primitive
and childlike, my thoughts
yearning for another.
I lay alone, primitive
and childlike, abandoned
like yesterdays news,
the lines smudged with
faithless tears, my thoughts
yearn for another.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Whether it be truth or fiction, thank you for sharing your stories :)

David White said...

Our first child is coming onto into the fresh winter air in weeks. OH MY GOD. It's so real, so intense, so SOON!


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