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The Sky People - Pegasus

Digital Collage Title: The Sky People - Pegasus
© Jeanne Wilkinson Art
Visit her blog site to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Brooklyn, New York, and her current specialty
is digital collage.

Writing Prompt

This was your dream last night. Use your dream to write a story, poem, blog posting, or a letter explaining your dream to a friend.

Word Prompt


Artwork used with permission from Jeanne Wilkinson


Sarah Copeland said...

My skin recoils after each blast of icy cloud we pass through, my tears forming frozen droplets that dissapear into the smog filled abyss. Here we are, the day after tomorrow, the great pattern of life disrupted beyond repair. Dipping below the clouds, below the smog, a broken city appears. Its great towers crumbling below the cries of a humanity extinct. Narrowing burning eyes I search for one last hope, but even the sun's rays barely reach this spinning rock. We turn to head into the sky, beyond the frozen clouds and into the great blue divide. Gaining altitude I am lulled into the realm of unconciousness by the steady beating of wings, heading for a certain death among the twinkling stars.

Quiet Observer said...

This photo inspires the story of a dream or secret desire that needs to become a reality. The outstretched wings signify the confidence to achieve, the clouds invite you to think freely. There is such wonderful imagery here, I think I shall hurry off to create now.

jeanne wilkinson said...

Dear Sarah and Quiet,
Thanks so much for the good words.
It's great to see my artwork inspire flights of imagination.



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