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Image Prompt: Cat

Art Title: Cat © Stephen Gardner - Sketch of the Day
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is an illustrator by trade.

Artwork used with permission from Stephen Gardner.


WHY said...

I just had to comment about that poor fish's expression of absolute fear and dread:)

Love this illustration!!

Donna said...

My boyfriend's cat used to do the same thing, except it was his parakeet that was the subject of abuse. Oh, how that darn cat would taunt and tease that poor, poor bird:)

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


a face-off, and then
a pass, swipe,
near miss,
a rush around the zone,
finally the catch,
a winner and a loser,
and at the end,
one victor soaking wet

Meandering Michael said...

Cat and Fish have lots in common
Then why would the cat attack?
What could those two have in common?

Both were dying for a snack!

This picture really reminded me of The Vestibles audio sketch of "Froo Froo the Talking Cat". It's a little obscure - hard to find - but if you enjoy six-minute tales of typecasting and black poetry, it's worth finding.

Renee said...

A quick line to tell you how much I like your blog, I come all the time and I have never seen another blog like it. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Love this piece! Light and funny. Poor fish! One happy kitty.

Anonymous said...

This is one cute picture!


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