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Photo Prompt: Broken Dreams

Photo Title: Broken Dreams © Vaggelis Fragiadakis
Visit his site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Berkeley, California, and specializes in
art, portrait, and spontaneous portrait photography.

Photo used with permission from Vaggelis Fragiadakis.


WHY said...

Oh, this image tears me apart. To have to beg out of desperation is something none of us should have to do. But the way our world economy is heading, it may be an option for many people. All over the world. It is already, and that's a sad fact. It's also a dilemma for me (whether to give or not to give.)

Meandering Michael said...

Maslow, oh Maslow,
you've done great misdeeds
by teaching the shrinks
'bout your hierarch' o' needs.

Maslow, oh, Maslow,
I'm begging your grace;
should be at the base.

Maslow, oh Maslow,
With you I confide;
when there's nothing to eat
I can swallow my pride

Sarah-Paige said...

Damp cloth, a meager barrier
between a man
and this obstinate world...
a few cents have found their way
from semi-compassionate pockets
into his shabby hat,
while round the corner
dollars weigh down
collection baskets for the poor
in Africa.
The eyes of those passing
must be opened wide,
turned away and turned towards
the grief begging beside
their hurrying feet,
to the tears; that wash
these city streets.

Philse said...

Heartbreaking picture.

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


I must arrive at night,
alone, then drop
handfuls of
coins in a bucket

when no one
is there
ringing the bell
to praise my mercy.

The blessed say
this is how true
alms must be given.

In silence. In secret.
A tithe I subtract but
don't mark on paper.

I talk now not of
the man sitting
in the snow
with no boots on.

I talk of
the two of us
in those winters when

we are strangers
and sinners.

Marc. said...
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