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Image Prompt: Work Force

Art Title: Work Force © Stephen Dell'Aria - Plein Air Painter
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
And, his website: Steve's Art
The artist lives in Fairfax, Virginia, and specializes in
watercolor and oil paintings.

rtwork used with permission from Stephen Dell'Aria.


Anonymous said...

I understand the workforce--When I was an active participant, the only thing that truly kept my spirit going was my ability to feed myself. Excellent post Nancy!

Philse said...

Some thoughts on this photo (this is what comes to my mind):

Fingers in the air: God
Man with the red head: A dictator
The cage with the mask: Imprisonment
The steam with people: Auschwitz-Birkenau (concentration camp)
Guy with closed eyes: Death
Forks: Work to get fed.

This is definitely a great piece of art! Thank you for posting this!

Meandering Michael said...

Environment, et al.
Are altered
And defined by
The force of
Urban sprawl

WHY? said...

We are lucky to have a job, yes?

And, I love to work when I can do what I feel passionate about.

When I don't have to be surrounded by idiots, and put up with unneeded,wasteful bureaucracy!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

As always, I appreciate those of you who not only stop by, but share your writing and thoughts!

And, thank you Clay and Philse for your nice comments:)

Anonymous said...

Certainly a lot going on in here. I am left not knowing whether I like this art or not. Which mens it is certainly food for thought.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Julie-Ann, I post these images just for that reason:)


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