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Image Prompt: Rescue of a Seaworthy Creature

Art Title: Rescue of a Seaworthy Creature © Kat Hannah
Visit her site to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Pennsylvania, and specializes in oil painting/fine
art prints in the genre of figurative expressionism.

Artwork used with permission from Kat Hannah.


Faith said...

Even together we are
small,inconsequential and yet
all hope lies within this one
gesture, stolen and safe.
This, the kiss.

Love For Life said...

I can't top what Faith just wrote!
Love the image...the colors are spectacular.

Sarah Copeland said...

Here 'neath the opal blue
swims a horse of a golden hue
riding diamond studded waves
rushing forwards without delay,
never for a moment blinking
to clear its vision, never thinking
of the perils hidden in the beige
coming closer like a loose page.
Until at last the horse finds
water no more and for it pines
while withering helpless,
a last gasp brings dreams of a caress
in gentle and curious hands
and face freckled like the sands.
Bright eyes peering, from behind
unruly charcoal hair, for life's sign,
human ear to scaly chest
listening closely for a tiny breath.
Sadness and confusion soon cloud
the child's soul when no life can be found,
walking on thin legs he turns
back t'wards the opal blue unable to discern
the proper course of action
but with a hidden expectation
slowly lowers the small, cool body
into the waves cresting boldly.
With eagerly awaited bubbles
and a flash of scales that startles
the small mind leaning close
to watch as the tiny body flows
away into the open ocean,
but sadness sets in like an incurable potion
and dismayed tears begin
erasing his flowered grin.

Michael said...

While Superboy flew o'er the seas.
He rescued a seahorse with ease.
The seahorse was frowning.
"Kid, I wasn't drowning!
Now please get me out of this breeze!"


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