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Photo Prompt: Fighting The Shadow

Photo Title: Fighting The Shadow © Klara Faberova -
Being Kinda Sorta Happy

Visit her blog to see additional photos as well as on
ArtLimited and DeviantArt
Klara lives in Prague, Czech Republic, and is an amateur photographer
trying to express herself through her pictures.

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Photo used with permission from Klara Faberova.


Anonymous said...

"Till when shall I remain a shadow of someone else?"

--got this line from one of my characters.. (sigh)

Love For Life said...

How interesting!! I've battled my shadow self for too many years, and have decided to make friends with it:)

glorv1 said...

I hear music and I love music. Unfortunately there's no one to dance with, cept my shadow.

Have a great day. (it's early and I'm not thinking.):)

Sarah Copeland said...

To each, his own shadow dancer
is appointed to tantalize
the mind, morphing with every
pass of a wavering light.
Always close, if you care
to look in front or behind
of your wandering shoes,
gliding along behind you
changing like a reflection
in circus mirrors.
When boredom threatens
to infest the mind,
your shadow dancer reaches out,
with a polite cough,
to tap on your hunched shoulder
and ask for the honor
of this evening dance.

Meandering Michael said...

Like a shadow in the nighttime they come.
They come!
Like a shadow in the nighttime they come.

In the prime of my life I'm stuck down.
Struck down!
In the prime of my life I'm struck down.

Like the giant hand of fate they attack!
And they keep sticking pins in my back!


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