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Image Prompt: Untitled

Untitled Arwork: © Irina Sidorowicz -
Visit her site to see additional artwork and photography.
The artist lives in Buenos Aires, and studies Graphic Design
and Visual Communication.

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Artwork used with permission from Irina Sidorowicz.


Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

I would call it "Wounded". I'm going to write something too involved for a comment on my own blog this weekend because this is a powerfully evocative image for me. And of course I will include links to you and the artist. But where's the "Link to this Page" thingy go??

glorv1 said...

Anticipating what is coming. Or just plain anticipation. She stands next to the window as if wishing she were out there in the cold, instead of that damp dark room, with that person at the other end, unbuttoning his shirt. She knows what is about to happen, but she can't leave. Her eyes tell it all.

Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

OK. It's up. But if you use the Link-Back thingy, (a) it makes it easier to link back to you, and (b) you can keep track right on your blog of who links back!

Anonymous said...

this image is both uncomfortable and beautiful. uncomfortable because her emotion is something i can relate to. beautiful because the artist portrayed the mood perfectly.

Sarah Copeland said...

Eyes shadowed
by yesterdays makeup,
steal a glace towards
an imposing figure,
muted by the candle light.
Outside the cracked window
stars tell of so many wishes
long since forgotten,
promises broken.

He is unhappy today,
he's not high enough
to forget life's pain.

The bruise, that will greet
her tomorrow when
she looks into her mirror
will be another reminder
of a path she can't
find the natural end to.

Michael said...

He strikes me when he's angry
So I turn the other cheek
The next time that he strikes me
He'll find I'm not so meek


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