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Image Prompt: Untitled

Art: © Rob Carey
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Kandern, Germany, and specializes in
watercolor/pen and ink.

Artwork used with permission from Rob Carey.


Sarah-Paige said...

...along cobbled streets
a man's journey is observed;
love never grows old...

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Married fifty years, and she still
mends his jackets, packs his lunches.
He still makes a living
fixing old clocks and watches.
He pays for the glasses she needs
to see his jackets and lunches.
Each year, on the day they married,
he buys her a potted flower.

WHY said...

Not only the man's gait, but the look of love and concern on the woman's face - all in this tiny illustration. I love how a photograph can capture the moment, but I've forgotten that other forms of art can too. And, I hate to say, but unlike photography which captures a ready made moment, the artist, this artist has to do with his skill. Not that photography isn't a skill because it is:)

Meandering Michael said...

I met him when we were twelve years old
He kissed me 'neath the apple tree
He was handsome
He was bold
With buns of steel, you see

At sixty-eight he's not so spry
He rarely tries to kiss me
He looks tired
He looks old
But he's still got a sweet patootie

Donna said...

:) "But he's still got a sweet patootie" Can't help it, what Meandering Michael wrote is just hysterical.

This painting reminds me of my grandparents who after 50 years of marriage, still behaved like teenagers when it came to romance.

Looks are truly deceiving!


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