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Photo Prompt: Vanity

Photo Title: Vanity © Samarth Bhasin - Selling The Drama
Visit his site to see additional photos.
Samarth lives in the United Kingdom, and is an 18 year
old photographer who wants to share his point of view.
His aim as a photographer
is to be versatile and loves to experiment.

Photo used with permission from Samarth Bhasin.


Sarah-Paige said...

Beauty, her mirage
of smoke and mirrors
dangling from
a shallow heart
like dime-store
diamond earrings,
a forced smile
draped across perfect teeth
like a string
of faux pearls.
She is devoid of color,
a black and white polaroid
inlaid in a stainless
steel wall, spotlights
never reaching beneath
this glossy surface.

Anonymous said...

Oh! what a prompt! My cousin is the most arrogant of women. Vanity comes with that package.

Lady Darrow my foot. My uncle Peter traded in his Darrow title for Levreau--for money and security. To move around the world like wealthy men do. His daughter Olivia is just as superficial. Excellent post Nancy.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow

glorv1 said...

Excuse me, while I look for someone in the crowd.

WHY said...

How I've struggled with vanity issues. Only in that it's especially hard to come to terms with getting older, and losing my looks:(

It's Just Me said...

just popping in via another blog. Lovely little place you have here.

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese Broderick of Albany, NY (USA))


Dressed for the part she must play.
A swan caught upon clear glass.
Beauty a blessing, a curse.

Beauty a blessing, a curse.
A swan caught upon clear glass.
Dressed for the part she must play.

Meandering Michael said...

She danced about so gracefully
Twirling, twisting, prancing
And though it was a ping pong game
We all thought she was dancing


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