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Photo Prompt: The Bridge

Photo Title: The Bridge © Deirdre Costello -
Costello's Fine Art Photography

Visit her site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and specializes in
fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Deirdre Costello.


Sarah Copeland said...

There through the mist
you can just see a hint
of beauty and grace,
a little known reflection.

It is drawn from the lines
behind your clever eyes,
stretched like a sturdy bridge
to your imagined paradise.

The contents of your daydreams
carefully painted on a canvas
of rippled reality, every shadow,
scent and sound accounted for.

Dave King said...

That is a lovely image. Whether I shall manage to do anything with it is another story.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

It is a lovely image, Dave. And, with your creativity and imagination, I think you could "manage" if you wanted to:)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, these are such lovely lines in your poem: "every shadow, / scent and sound accounted for."

Love For Life said...

What a "dreamy" image.

Sarah: "stretched like a sturdy bridge to your imagined paradise." is a great description!

Michael said...

Designed to please the viewer's eye, an artwork of conjunction?
Designed to stand the test of time from failure or malfunction?
The beauty of the Golden Gate: a child of form or function?


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