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Photo Prompt: Girlfriends

Photo Title: Girlfriends © Elinor Scott-Sutter:
A Garden of the Ordinary
Visit her blog site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and specializes
in polaroid photography.

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Photo Prompt


Write about your best friend.
A friend from the past or the present.
Young or old.
Two legged or four.

Photo used with permission from Elinor Scott-Sutter.


Flor Larios Art said...

My best friend... I found her until now. Great feeling!

Charli said...

Hi - I just found your blogs today and am very excited to have done so! What a great idea - using photos as prompts. I will most certainly be back to use your prompts! Thanks for this great service you provide!

glorv1 said...

Sitting on the track is a big thing to us. You and me. I'm black, you're white, and now today, we are both taking the same journey in the road ahead.
God Bless America.

Love For Life said...

When I was twelve or so, I was visiting my aunt in Arizona for the summer. Well, I met this girl and we fast became "best" friends. She lived around the block and I would walk to her house each day so we could talk about boys and our plans for the future. Her name was Pamela, and she had the kindest smile and a silly laugh. We vowed to stay in touch, and did write a few letters. But her parents divorced and she ended up moving. Well, as these things go, we lost contact. But, all these years later, I still think of her now and then. It's funny how some people remain in your memory for so long and others just fade away.

Sarah Copeland said...

We are the same,
yet different enough
to be best friends.

We were young
the color of our skin
was never complicated.

You had seven brothers,
I had one baby sister.
We alternated houses for dinner.

I celebrated your holidays
and you celebrated mine,
we both prayed to a God.

Walking down main street
we defied class, staring it down
with unflinching eyes.

Faith said...

for Jenny

It was Reeses peanut butter cups
and root beer in Central park
until we were sick and so high on sugar
the old metal swings seemed like an amusement ride.

And walking down the street
in the evening. Me first walking you
home and then you walking me home...
Until the night fell and we had to say
goodbye midway between.

And Peter Frampton playing too loudly.
Thinking that we were in love somehow
with those boys at school. Singing and crying
together as though that alone could make them
love us back and then laughing until it didn't matter.

Phone call after phone call.
This is what it meant to be 13.
Smoking at Burger King.
Drinking coffee we didn't like.
Trying on these roles.
The dance on the windowsill 12 stories high.
Finding the fine line of hysteria within
and pulling each other back to safety.

Do you remember? I have lost you after all
these years. You could be anyone walking
down a busy street. You could be anywhere
I have gone, just moments ahead.

If I stop at the corner 112th street and Broadway.
If I stop there and start to sing and kick up
my legs like a Rockette would you find me there?
Put your arm over my shoulder and sing with me
“I'm looking over a four leaf clover...”
Like we used to, just for a laugh and maybe
a quarter or two for a slice of pizza.
After all these years, would we still dare?

I miss you.

Linda S. Socha said...

What a great blog! Just discovered it today. It is very creatively done and I am a lover of the creative! I would love you take on the creative as a comment on my recent post.
I particularly love the photo of the two young girls.Thank you. I will be back!

Please stop by for a visit at Psyche Connections. I would love to exchange following blog links with you if you have an interest. I look forward to connecting with you. Toward that end I am going to begin followihng your blog with your ok!


Caroline said...

There is nothing like your best girlfriend...what a wonderful photograph, it speaks volumes.


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