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Photo Prompt: Portrait of a Sleeping Girl

Photo Title: Portrait of a Sleeping Girl © Roger Ballen Photographer
Visit his site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in South Africa and specializes in Art Photography.

Photo used with permission from Roger Ballen.


Sarah-Paige said...

Men, brooding like gods
watch a simple female figure
curled like a shivering cat
on slats of splintered wood.
Hair a dirty blond
lies still and limp
around her pinched face,
eyes closed tight against
the mist of an outside world
and all its blood being shed
like widows tears.

Unaware of an observers eye
she continues to sleep
underneath the insufficient warmth
of her devoted kitten, the blanket
more of a burden than comfort.
Silently a man peers through
an unbiased lens, its film
capturing her life's toil
in less than the tick
of a clock's second hand.

glorv1 said...

Kitty sitting pretty,
while master sleeps.
Wake, I'm hungry.

Meandering Michael said...

An orphaned kitten, meek and small
An orphaned girl-child, thin and tall
A single bed placed in the hall
I've seen the writing on the wall

Marian Trasca said...

good job....

Caroline said...

Quietly slumbering...kitty loving...beautiful dreams...


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