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Image Prompt: Equilibrio

Art Title: Equilibrio © Astrid Stocker Oleos
Visit her blog to see additional artwork. And, her website here.
The artist lives in Santiago, Chile, and specializes in oil paintings.

Artwork used with permission from Astrid Stocker.


Anonymous said...

This image caught my eye as I was writing--I love the balance of the warm and cool colors.I must comment on how symbolic this piece is--the eye at the base of the tree serves a a substitute for the roots--drawing in everything necessary for growth.What does that say about conscious reality? In the back drop, the Taoist for balance. Excellent post.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

I came across your blog form Paulo Mendes' blog. What an inspirational blog you have. This image reminds me of the surrealist poetry from people like Andre Breton. I enjoy seemingly incongruent images recombined for our minds to attach new meanings to.

glorv1 said...

Eye I am the tree of life.

Sarah-Paige said...

See the branches all erratic,
like hair teased by a hollow wind,
swaying in front
of a royal blue backdrop,
a ballet set to the rhythm
of this tree's creaking trunk.
Breathless birds circle above
looking for a place to rest
their tangled feathers,
eyes watering with weeds pollen
yet they are still clear enough
to know the silent words sung out
by the branches dance.
Black clouds appear at the edge
of a disappearing blue,
this worlds anger stored in them,
shown now in electric sparks
that light up this days night.
All eyes have turned away except
for those below the ground,
turning in earthen beds
their warnings are masked
by a jealous thunder, booming
across cowering valleys.


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