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Image Prompt: Making Do

Art Title: Making Do © Vanessa Brantley Newton
Ooh La La Design Studio
Visit her blog to see additional artwork. And Fine Art Registry
The artist lives in East Orange, New Jersey, and specializes in
children's book illustration and collage.
Writing Prompt
Write a children's story.
Perhaps a memory from your childhood.
Artwork used with permission from Vanessa Brantley Newton.


Stephen Dell'Aria said...

The 21st century Johnny Appleseed creating life from Pepperidge Farm crackers.

gina said...

:) love the face on this little guy! i remember all the games my sister & i used to make up. it was more fun than what they do now with all the electronic games!!

Renee said...

Isn't Vanessa's work brilliant. Ilove her.


Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


for lack
of a dark sack,
go slack

gold dish lids
for old kids

fish kiss
smack, smack--
glass cracks

load roads,
roads hold,
holds fold,
folds scold,
scolds load,
loads road


so cold
ice cold

Meandering Michael said...

I was so ashamed
of my little brother, Jack,
with a pot upon his head
and a towel on his back.

He always tried to warn me
'bout the Monsters in the halls
and the Goblins in the basement
and the Boogers on the walls.

Well, I never, ever listened
to my crazy brother Jack
with that pot upon his head
and that towel on his back.

I knew ('cause I was older)
there weren't Goobers on the couch
nor Troggles in the attic.
There's no garbage-dwelling Grouch!

I knew there's no such creature
as a Three-eyed Hairy Meany
with an Alabaster Boomstick
and a Tiny Red Bikini.

But Jack always insisted
I had better watch myself,
or else I'd be the meal
for a Bad Elf from the Shelf.

"Wear a hard hat," he would say to me,
"And march just like a trooper.
Wear a cape and jump around so
they will think that you are Super!"

The things that little kids all say
are goofy make-believe.
Could any person, young like Jack,
be any more naive..?

But then one day,
I have to say,
what Jack had said came true...

...a Blubber-Butt Baboomba
grabbed my foot
and ate my shoe!

Next, a Woolly Wozzle,covered
head-to-foot in dirty dirt,
used a super-duper-slobber lick
and licked away my shirt!

I ran in fear!
I wouldn't stop
I couldn't take that chance
but a needy Speedy Slugwart
chased me down
and ate my pants!

Now here I stand
with just one shoe
and dirty underwear
while the people walking by me
point and snort and laugh
and stare

The things that little kids will say
aren't always make-believe
We'd better listen when they talk
or we'll be the Naive.

Yes, now I understand
about my little brother, Jack
with that pot upon his head
and that towel on his back

And I don't laugh, no I don't laugh -
That's what he wants to do.
Besides, I'm standing 'round in
underwear and just one shoe!

Anonymous said...


Part iii. should not have word "smack" in it, and should read instead as follows:

fish kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss (glass cracks)kiss, kiss, kiss

James Parker said...

I got a bowl. I got some water.
Then I went and asked my father.

I need some guppies, or maybe a koi
Just a couple of fish for a good little boy

"Maybe later" said Pop, as he went out the door
Well, a bowl with no fish is really a bore

So I went to the cupboard, to see what was new,
And I found what I needed to simply "Make Do"

Tessa said...

Vanessa's work is so full of life, love and laughter. She really is a sublime artist - I'm a huge fan!

Great poetry, too, from everyone inspired by her illustration.

linda cardina said...

i love vanessa's work and what a sweetheart she is!

Flor Larios Art said...

I love Vanessa's Illustrations... fun!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I just had the wonderful pleasure of reading the poems and comments of everyone. I am so blessed to be a part of something so very special and great. Thanks for letting me share my art on your blog and with everyone else. You have touched my heart in so many wonderful, wonderful ways. Thanks

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

It was my pleasure, Vanessa. Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful artwork. I know everyone had fun writing about this piece:)


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