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Photo Prompt: Flying

Photo Title: Flying © Caroline The Zen In You
Visit her blog to see additional photos. And, her photo site: nowordz
The photographer lives in California and loves photography!
Writing Prompt
Recall the last time you flew,
the last time you acted in spite of your fear or doubt.

Photo used with permission from Caroline.


sudharm baxi said...

Let me spread my wings
Give me strength, give me space...

I am gonna win
Allow me, let me enter the race...

People say go and enjoy
But i feel is there a harm in being an ace...

James Parker said...

I watch the children go flying by,
A silent teardrop, moistening my eye

I think of joys in times gone past,
Of youthful glee, and greener grass

It seems just yesterday I was flying,too
A kid in the clouds, the world brand new

But the years go by, and I grow old
That world, once warm, now grows cold

Don't get me wrong, with joy I rhyme
I only wish I had more time

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

I remember fondly all those dance lessons for my oldest daughter. Your photo selection is well chosen.

sudharm baxi said...

James that was really beautiful...

Renee said...

I adore little girls don't you. They along with little boys are the best kind of people there are.

Love Renee

enigma said...

beautiful photo has inspired beautiful writings. :)

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


White stockings on wild
Arabians, fleet-footed in
prairie herds, fleeing
the mountain lion's jaws
or the mobs of the buffalo,
right forefoot and left
hindleg flashing "Run! Run!"
as fast as leaping dancers.

Meandering Michael said...
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Meandering Michael said...

"In and out. Get in and out."
That is what I tell myself.

My polar swim will be a feat,
and done with flippers on my feet!

"In and out. Get in and out."
That is what I tell myself.

Flippered feet are flapping high
Kicking snow up. How I fly!

"In and out. Get in and out."
That is what I tell myself.

A dash made with finesse and style...
Watch it. It'll make you smile.


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